We charge a one-time flat rate fee in $10 increments for set-up here at AKPC. In the screen printing process, 2 things need to be created and/or prepared to complete the steps involved. For each color in an image and for each location we will be printing on an item, a film needs to be produced and a screen needs to be prepared. Most of our competitors begin set-up costs at a $50 minimum. At AKPC, our set-up fees start at just $10 for a 1 color, 1 location print. Also, there is no set-up fee for repeat orders. So, if you decide you want more shirts later, come on back! As a returning customer with a repeat order, you will only be charged for the cost of your apparel and printing whether it be your second, third, or even fourth time around ordering with us.


AKPC is in partnership with Sanmar Corporation to provide our customers with quality apparel and garments at the most affordable prices.

Prices starting at:

***Prices above reflect Youth & Adult sizes XS-XL. Sizes 2X-4X are available for an additional $2.50/each.***

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Printing costs start at $4.00 per item for 1 color and 1 location. Then, the price varies according to the total amount of colors in an image and the total amount of locations to be printed. AKPC always offers a 50% discount to the nearest nickel on printing costs of any additional locations and charges a low flat rate of $0.75 per item for each additional color.

Add from left to right to determine total cost of printing:


Customers are encouraged and welcome to submit their own designs or artwork in any acceptable file format for printing at no charge. Acceptable file formats are as .esp or .svg. Customers may also submit artwork or design files in other formats such as .jpeg or .png but please note that these files will have to be re-formatted and/or re-sized at a flat rate charge of $10 per file. AKPC will also work with customers to create their own unique logo, artwork, or design for printing. Art and design creation prices start at a flat rate of $20 per image, perlocation.


For every order placed for 100 pieces or more, the customer shall receive a 10% discount off of their grand total amount, up to 30% off for 300 pieces or more.

100 or more = 10% off

200 or more = 20% off

300 or more = 30% off

***All sales will be subject to MI state sales tax at the rate of 6% of the subtotal amount***

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Refunds, returns and/or exchanges are offered on AKPC original designs only and must be submitted within 30 days from the date of purchase.

All sales on custom orders are final.